What is Integrative Arts Psychotherapy?

In some ways it is similar to many styles of counselling and psychotherapy. You will be offered a secure and confidential space where you will have the opportunity, without the fear of being judged, to explore issues and feelings which may be hard to discuss with other people in your life. The relationship between you and your therapist may offer you a place to try out new ways of relating to others; to experiment with different ways of behaving and to experience your emotions at a deeper level.

The use of imagery and arts media can help to speed up and to deepen these processes. Recent research into neuroscience appears to bear out the link between creative expression and emotional change and healing.

My approach integrates the use of imagery and the arts with the theories of Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Attachment. I believe that sometimes, during childhood, people develop ways of coping with their circumstances which may help them at the time but can become unhelpful, inhibiting or even damaging if they are maintained as they grow older. This can result in patterns of repeated behaviour, relationship difficulties and even physical symptoms.

The process involves no judgement of artistic ability and you would not be expected to use the arts materials unless you feel comfortable in doing so. Often words alone can evoke powerful and useful imagery.

Although my orientation is fundamentally Humanistic, when appropriate, I might use techniques from other approaches including: Mindfulness, CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Jungian dream analysis, Cognitive Hypnosis and NLP.

Qualifications and Experience


  • Certificate in Cognitive Hypnosis and NLP (Contemporary College)
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Contemporary College)
  • M.A. Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (London Metropolitan University)
  • Diploma in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (IATE)
  • Certificate in Creative Group Therapy (IATE)
  • Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of the Arts (IATE)
  • Certificate in Basic Counselling Skills (NCFE)
  • M.A. History of Modern Art and Design (Falmouth School of Art and Design: Plymouth University)
  • Certificate of Education
  • Certificate in Supervision (The Relational Academy, Cambridge)

Professional Bodies

  • UKCP (registered)
  • Associate of the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education
  • Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR)

My Professional Experience:

  • Prior to starting my private practice, I had experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist in various other locations. These include:
  • Cambridge University Counselling Service (students)
  • Lifecraft (mental health charity)
  • Centre 33 (young person's charity)
  • Primary care (GP practice)
  • Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation clinic
  • My previous career was in education